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Midnight Solo

​Midnight Solo 29th May - 1st June 2015
Pine Art Gallery, Malacca

​Midnight Solo 2.0 11th July - 20th July 2015
Mer Chi Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

Midnight Solo 3.0 8th March - 22th March 2015
Yi Circle Tranquility Space , Penang

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这次展出的书法作品,大多数内容都是木心的句子为主。从中发现系列性的展出更能集中,走向概念式的展出,如过后的辋川集、Sing A Song展出。

Midnight solo is my first exhibition of ink paintings and calligraphy after 18 years of graduation. The inclusion of ink paintings in this show is partially due to my transition to become a full-time artist. Where I had more time and focus to develop different types of work. Midnight Solo is my 2nd solo exhibition after 18 years since graduation. And it is held in my hometown because I wanted my parents and calligraphy teachers to be a part of the project.


Most of the calligraphy works in this show are based on Mu Xin's writing. After this exhibition, I begin to adopt a more conceptual approach to thinking about making an exhibition. Which lead to my later exhibitions like Wangchuan Ji and Sing A Song.

Selected works

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