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Sing a Song

16 Jan - 21 Feb 2021
The Back Room, Kuala Lumpur

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在情书展与秘密写诗这两个小作品展出后,就回归较正常尺寸的作品。 展出作品大多选择了唐诗,以及几幅短文为作品。这次个展以Sing A Song作为名称,是因为唐诗在唐朝是拿来吟唱,所以是那时候的流行歌曲。


After my past 2 exhibitions which feature small works, I returned to the more normal-sized works. Most of the works in Sing a Song are based on poems from the Tang dynasty, and a small selection of contemporary short essays. This exhibition is titled Sing A Song because Tang poetry was sung in the Tang Dynasty. So they are the equivalent of pop songs of our time.


This series was completed during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. Compared with my last two solo exhibitions, this time exhibition uses a writing technique that is more abstract. The writing technique is similar to that of the Wangchuan collection, the difference is that the horizontal style is used in size. I think calligraphy needs to be more open to other possibilities. Calligraphers must be willing to step out of their comfort zone and actively interact with the audience. And also include local and contemporary realities. Whether in terms of contemporary aesthetics, and concepts. I'm grateful to The Back Room for the idea of presenting this series of works as pinned sheets without framing. I used to think of unframed works as incomplete, and didn't see this as a possibility. I'm also thankful that this exhibition, probably the only Chinese calligraphy show in the gallery's programming, provided its' patron, who are mainly those that cannot read Chinese, with exposure to the possibilities of contemporary Chinese calligraphy.

Selected works

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