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Wangchuan Ji

3 March – 10 March 2018
Pin Wei Zhai Art Gallery, Ipoh

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The Wangchuan Ji is a collection of forty poems about landscapes composed by the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei and Pei Di. Based on the twenty sceneries when they visited Lantian county. These forty poems were used as references for forty calligraphic works. Each work consists of four small squares to form a larger square. 

I imagined the views Wang Wei and Pei Di saw when traveling in a carriage. So, I added gaps between the smaller squares to form a pictorial window. And mimic the experience of seeing these scenic words from the windows of a carriage.


I eventually used stylized and abstract lines to interpret these forty poems. Because in the process of developing this series, I realized what I care about most is not the legibility of each character, but the creation of a pictorial scene through ink, lines, and shapes. Extending from that, I combined these large squares to form an even larger work with richer pictorial possibilities.

For this exhibition, I decided to extend my creative process and go beyond writing. Exploring the different ways and configurations to present these forty squares. Eventually, I installed three panels with different configurations using four, six, and eight large squares. 

Selected works

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