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Love Letter

14th Febuary – 14th March 2018
Lunarbar Coffee, George Town, Penang

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When I was younger and worked abroad in conditions where making calligraphy works is not conducive, I made a series of small works that are the size of postal letters. Using lyrics from pop songs and poems as reference. Since the words are all related to love, I simply named this exhibition "Love Letters". The location of the exhibition is in a co-op with a cafe attached. Which lends the show a more casual tone.


I wanted this exhibition to be more unassuming. And these smaller works also express delicate emotions. My belief is calligraphy does not necessarily have to be large-scale with grandiose content to be valid. 

Selected works

張洪量 Chang Hung-Liang【心愛妹妹的眼睛 Sister's Eyes】Official Music Video
李春嬡 Li Chun Ai - 宮牆柳(官方歌詞版)- 電視劇《延禧攻略》插曲
七元 - 老鼠爱大米 (完整版)『我听见你的声音,有种特别的感觉,让我不断想,不敢再忘记你。』【动态歌词】抖音 翻唱
Joanna Wang 王若琳 -《我只在乎你 I Only Care About You》Official Music Video