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Sing a Song 2.0

19 Oct - 14 Nov 2021
PJPAC (Petaling Jaya Performing Art Center), Kuala Lumpur

Sing a Song 2.0是延续Sing a Song的概念,既是以诗词作为书法字笵。唐诗在唐朝是拿来吟唱,所以是那时候的流行歌曲。我书法创作其中一个意念是,用多角度探讨传统的意义。从此延续,我既把当前流行歌曲歌词作为书法字笵。在这次展出作品里,每一幅作品的字形、线条与空间都以歌曲的感觉支配。 



Sing a Song 2.0 is a continuation of the concept of Sing a Song, which uses poetry as a reference for my calligraphy. One of the preoccupations in my calligraphy is to explore the meaning of tradition from multiple perspectives. Tang poetry was sung during the Tang Dynasty, so it was the pop song of its' time. Taking a cue from this, I used the lyrics of current pop songs as my reference. In this series, the shapes, lines, and spaces of each work are informed by my emotional response to these songs. 

Calligraphy has always been regarded as a static, traditional art form, which I find problematic. This is partially why I want to bring my calligraphy works to new spaces and reach new audiences. Sing a Song 2.0 was held in PJPAC, a new performing arts center. So, it is different in many ways from conventional art galleries. Enabling people from different art circles to encounter contemporary calligraphy. ​


In this exhibition, I'm also exploring the possibility of linking calligraphy with the internet. A QR code is provided on the label of each work that links to the song it referenced. The audience can look at the work while listening to the song, which I hope can close the gap between them and my calligraphy.

Selected works

陳綺貞 Cheer Chen【偶然與巧合】Official Music Video
Room307 ft Riddem, Yuet - “背山望海” & “MkSadBoyKowNgDouLuiAsUsual" (Live Session)
楊乃文 Naiwen Yang【我給的愛】Official Music Video
盧廣仲 Crowd Lu 【一坪半 4.95m² Dream】Official Lyrics Video
張震嶽 A-Yue【思念是一種病】Official Music Video
告五人 Accusefive [ 在這座城市遺失了你 Where I Lost Us ] Official Music Video(電視劇《她們創業的那些鳥事》插曲)
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